Patient Testimonials

A collection of praise from patients:

Thank you for being such a great doctor. You have a special place in my heart. -Debbie


Dr. Zacharek & family,

I will never forget your kindness and compassion you have showered on my family and me. You are a blessing to the medical community. God’s Blessings.  You went over-and-above a normal physician/patient relationship when it came to your treatment of my daughter. You were always available for her and my family when they needed help. To top it all off you took time from a very busy schedule to be part of her funeral service- that alone tells that you are a very caring person. As parents we always want what is best for our children-no matter their age. I feel blessed having you as Stephanie’s doctor because I know she received nothing but the best of care. From the bottom of this father’s heart, I thank you! –W


Dear Dr. Zacharek, Thank you for taking so much time to talk to me. You are a very understanding physician. -E

As well as practice her craft, Dr.Zacharek also prides herself on sharing her knowledge with others. Her vast list of accomplishments following Medical School include producing many publications and abstracts, participating in numerous research activities, teaching and presenting information to medical students and acting physicians, and committee involvement in multiple associations.  Dr. Zacharek continues to mentor a new generation of students.


A thank you from a student that Zacharek mentored:

 Dr. Zacharek,

Thank you so much for a wonderful rotation. I really appreciate how helpful you have been. You are a wonderful teacher and example. I hope to be as hardworking and dedicated to my craft as you are to yours. Thank you. -JJ