Our Practice

Claudia Zacharek MD has been practicing medicine in the Saginaw area since she relocated from Texas in 2008.   Recognizing the importance of patient care and patient education, Dr. Zacharek considers the practice of medicine to be an honor, rather than a right, and thus endeavors to maintain this atmosphere within her facility at all times.  She and her dedicated staff strive to treat the patients that seek their professional help, and also to thoroughly educate them about their current conditions.  This is necessary in order to ensure precautions are taken in the medical facility and at home to prolong the quality of life, and to slow the progression of kidney disease and onset of new symptoms.

Because Dr. Zacharek and her staff also understand the power of compassion, it is common practice for patients to form close relationships with her and her team.  This ensures the existence of a trusting relationship, where patients feel comfortable asking questions, and discussing treatment options.  Appreciating the obvious and immediate benefits seen for both doctor and patient when an intimate relationship is formed, Dr. Zacharek emphasizes these principles to set her practice apart from others.